No offense...

Since this post doesn't mention any name, thus please don't be offended of what i'm going to say...^^

Engkau. Tak habis-habis dgn perangai kau tu. Kadang2 aku simpati pada kau.  Mungkin terperangkap dalam perasaan sendiri walau dalam kehidupan yang baru. Pity on u. Move on, enjoy every bit of your life yg dah berkembang mekar tu. Why wasting your time, still concern of what i'm doing and sneaking into my private life?  Tak kacak lah buat macam tu. If you got plenty of time to talk bad about other ppl, why don't you spend the time to topup your 'pahala'? Your words are always nice, like u are always right. That's good if you really want to 'tarbiah' other ppl, follow the right path then...but not to condemn others. Btw, it's great effort lah...great job ^^

Sekian sahaja. Tak suka, tekan aje pangkah kat window tu. Byebye.

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