Strigiformers, not transformers


Let's learn Science for today. He he. Do you recognize this animal? Yeah it is categorized into the group of birds and belong to the order Strigiformers. It is an owl. But what is an 'order'? (Order makanan je tau la...he he he)

All organisms (living things) in this world are classified into groups according to their similar characteristics. For example, you (readers, a human) and I (a human too of course) are sharing the same characteristics so we are in the same species.

species is a group of organisms with similar structure, function, and behavior, in nature they breed only with each other (of course! we don't breed among cows or cats...). A species is the basic unit of classification of organisms.

Biologists use the taxonomic classification  to classify the organisms into specific groups. Begin with the basic unit, species, it can be grouped into a genus. Then, a group of related genera can be grouped into a more inclusive group, known as a family. Families are then grouped together into orders, orders into  classes, classes into phyla (singular, phylum), phyla into kingdoms, and finally kingdoms are grouped into domains. 

Let's see an example, the classification of HUMAN.

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Hominidae
Genus and specific epithet: Homo sapiens

So, we and the owlie just now are in the same kingdom, animalia (we are not plantae a.k.a plants). That's the only similarity, other than that, we are differ from them (sudah semestinya lah...manusia berakal).

- End of the lesson (tetiba) -

Actually, my main point of writing this post is to share my current project. Suddenly it turned out to be an evening lecture pulak...hehehe...but it is related to this owl.

Here are my collections, the owlie family. 
Two pendants, and the others are brooches.
They are just too cute...although in reality they are too scary, aite?

And yeah, this is not the current project i'm talking about. It is something to be revealed later on. He he he. (Why do you keep this as a secret Dayah, macam lah ada orang nak ambik tau sangat. Huhuhu.) Tetapi, if you wish to know what i'm doing, tunggu next post ya guys... Actually it is done, tunggu photoshoot nya aje. =P

See ya later then, ^^ bye.

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