Flowery purple felt handphone case


Jyeah, new hp case in the house. Alhamdulillah it's done. It took about two days to finish it since i started designing it yesterday's morning. Back from school this evening  i did the final touch to the case...and it's done peeps!

The customer requested a purplish theme hp case with flowery design. And yeah, i made it according to the size of the hp so hopefully the hp will fit in.

Voila ~~ sweet isn't it? (pasan!)

Back view. The wordings are requested by the customer. Don't know what does it mean.

This time i used a velcro to secure the hp in. 
Double layer of felts are used, and in between of them i placed quilt battling for cushioning. ^^

A side view of the hp case.

Hopefully the customer will satisfy with my hand work.
Now, continue with other items in the list...see ya guys. ^^

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